Vol 4, No 9 (2018)

Table of Contents


Effect of Different Tomato Rootstocks and EC Levels on the Nutrient Content of Fresh Tomatoes PDF
Selcuk Soylemez, Ayse Yildiz Pakyurek 1-6
Determination of Weed Problems in Three Different Growing Seasons in Potato Fields (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Odemis District of Izmir PDF
Nilay Ozdemir 7-17
Remove of Color Minerals from Malatya (Orduzu)-Turkey Feldspar Ores by Magnetic Separation PDF
Ismail Bentli, Muhammed Sener, Cumali Firat, Tekin Karaagac, Ibrahim Harir, Mustafa Birinci 18-26
Testing the Reliability of CSA Test on a Sample of Turkish Population PDF
Hurol Aslan, Asli Aslan, Dilem Dinc, Dicle Yunluel 27-31
Comparing Of Learning And Memory Functions Of Patients With Prodromal Vascular Dementia And Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease With Healthy Control Group PDF
Asli Aslan, Cigdem Kudiaki, Dilem Dinc, Aynur Ozge 32-36
Research of the Relation between Preptin, Leptin and Insulin Resistance in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Diagnosis Situations PDF
Uncu U, Derin AO, Mahmut Bozkurt, Nazan Celik, Fatos Uncu, Ihsan Halifeoglu 37-42
Effect of Food Sector Workers’ on Food Hygiene Practices PDF
Tugba Aktar 43-49
Global Economic Process Approach to the Right of Political Parties in Turkey PDF
Dilsad Turkmenoglu Kose 50-60
Effect of Feed Uniformity (Particle Distribution) and Particle Size of Starter and Finisher Diets on the Performance and Carcass Weight in Japanese Quails PDF
Vildan Kocbeker, Yilmaz Bahtiyarca, Fatma Karahan 61-68
Examination of Zoning Plan Modifications and Effects on Whole Plan: Artvin Sample PDF
Zehra Eminagaoglu 69-80
Evaluation of the Effect of Natural and Artificial Light on the Establishment of Space Perception on Students PDF
Serpil Fatma Erturk, Hilal Tugba Ormecioglu 81-88
Evaluations of Construction Sites by University Students Interning In Construction Sector In Terms Of Occupational Safety PDF
Ramazan Kayabasi, Ahmet Sener 89-101
Investigation of Some Quality Values of the Wines Produced With Conventional Methods from the Grape Varieties Grown In Ancient Anatolia Territory PDF
Atilla Cakir, Hande Tahmaz, Ezgi Dogan, Damla Yuksel, Gokhan Soylemezoglu 102-111
Classification of Open Directory Web Pages Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Safak Kayikci, Erhan Akyazi 112-119
Recognition of Hand Grasp Pattern via EMG Signals Using Neural Network Classifier PDF
Beyda Tasar, Arif Gulten, Oguz Yakut 120-126
Voluntary Feed Intake, Grazing Behaviour and Plant Preferences of Ruminants PDF
Ahmet Akdag, Canan Kop Bozbay, Nuh Ocak 127-138
Opinions of Grade 11 Secondary School Students About What is Classroom Management PDF
Sibel Guven 139-144
In Vitro Evaluation of Anti-HSV-1 Activity of Kitaibelia Balansae Boiss. (Malvaceae) PDF
Nuri Dikilitas, Rustem Duman 149-156
How Do Y Generation Employees Perceive Institutional Reputation? The Example of TRC1 (Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Kilis) Region’s Enterprises PDF
Gulsen Kirpik, Bunyamin Akdemir 157-172
A New Solution for Conservative Cultivation Concept; A New Multi-Tool Stabble Strip Tillage and Seeding Machine Design PDF
Bulent Piskin 173-182
The Effect of Grafting Periods on Graft Success in Topworking of Walnut PDF
Burak Akyuz, Ahmet Ozturk, Ercan Er, Umit Serdar 183-186
Metabolic Changes in Plants under Chilling Stress PDF
Fikret Yasar, Ozlem Uzal, Ozlem Yasar 187-198

ISSN (online) 2422-8702