Unique Poems in Contemporary China


Introduction: God poet Chen Jinyong

God poet Chen Jinyong is the author of the trilogy ” Joy of God,” “God Poet ,” “My poems and my life”

This book is a collection of three works: ” UNIQUE POEMS IN CONTEMPORARY CHINA”. Without the author’s authorization , no unit or individual shall publish , selected , adapt, translate , copy, reproduce , reprint , spread the content of this book.

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Part I: Joy of God 15
Calendar 16
Poets and Poetry 17
Snake 24
Birthday 26
Joy of God 29
Requiem 31
The poet’s fate 34
The poet can not do anything 36
Young life should know 38
Dogs and God 39
Gambler 41
Male songs 43
The man selling oranges and the words 45
Orphans Song 48
Midnight cry 51
The leaving song 54
Misty life 55
Window portrait 56
A person must hold a holy soul 57
Wedding Song 58
Call from daughter 60
Watermelon Song 63
Life is a dream 64
Woman’s mouth and heart 65
The living song 66
The drunken song 67
Feeling of livings 68
The tea seller and the wealth 69
Persvading my father 73
Hard to be a fahter 74
Farmers’ worry 75
Kite 76
God’s desire 77
New Year Message 79
Bird 81
Heart 83
The Butterfly complain 85
Salvation of souls 86
Ship with people 87
Embarrassment of watching the Street 88
Sincere heart is hard to find 89
People write poetry about people 90
Poetry for mother 91
Don’t be a poet 94
To Ms Ying 96
Meet in the rain 98
Say goodbye in the nigh 99
Hard to sleep 100
Song of worry and love 101
Good to have love 102
The mid-automn night and Ying 104
The naked god 106
Poem 108
Confessions of a lady escort 109
The relatives are crying for you 110
Soul monologue 112
The wine, the happiness and the home 113
Wandering Songstress 114
Words to my husband 117
Walking on the streets 120
Living in this world 121
It’s hard to be the wife of poet 122
Father’s love in the heart 124
Feeling in the winter night 125
Helpless sad 126
Taste the woman 127
With my son, without love 128
I think 129
Living without the memory 130
A crying man 131
The feeling and life 133
People behave like Beer 136
Poet and pig 137
The bad boss 140
Feeling when I was sick 143
The dream and life 145
Don’t be too bad to yourself 146
The miracle is caused by yourself 147
Prosititute’s heart 149
Repentance of the heart 151
Pray for my dead dog 153
Cannot live like this anymore 155
The life doesn’t believe tears 158
The sad tears in the dream 159
The wine for the wine ghost 160
We must bite the bullet 161
Destiny of the poet 163
There will be the last day of the evils 167
After dead 169
Don’t believe the writers 172
The song for my thirties 174
Hard to find the right person 175
Quack – helpless poet 177
The small family and love 180
Sank helpless 182
Make poem 184

Part II: God Poet 186
Live, live for the clean souls 187
An ordinary heart with aimbitions 189
Be good to your life 190
Miss the dog 192
Misfortune and happiness 193
Reading in the cold night 195
Seeking the lost poet heart 196
The clean souls and the poem 198
Read Poem and do nothing 199
Lie down to see and knee down to read 200
Who is doig evil on the street 201
The nake poem heart 203
The pure poet 205
The asking from the heart 208
The forever support 211
Speak for the death 214
Our spiritual homeland 218
Easy to sell meat, hard to sell poem 220
The poet and writer 221
The gambler’s fate is upon himself 222
For my wift Aying 225
Giood days 228
The lover online 230
Love in the unkown place 232
The love cannot be measured 234
The love from the poets 235
The sad evning 237
Make the love to the end 238
The heartbreaking night 240
The love at the end of the world 241
The coward’s love 243
Cannot love or hate you 246
The preface before the poem march 248
The missing heart is still missing 253
The worrying heart’s worry 254
The lovers’ in spirit 256
The love like Coffee candy 258
The best woman 259
The hurt and love 261
The best lover in life is my wife 263
The lonely wolf 266
The flying heart with love 268
The rhythm of love 271
Talk about love 274
The four word truth 276
Without love, I would rather leave 278
The woman’s heart and love 280
I am saying goodbye to you 283
Complain about husband 286
We cannot compete with time 290
The arts of football 292
The good wife does not manage husband 294
Successful businessman 296
Move away from Guangzhou 298
Please call home 302
The slave of real estate 304
The Sun in the heart 306
The car models 308
The world of dream 311
About these experts and professors 314
The poet shouldn’t have a marriage and family 316
Hard to get a true female friend 319
The real meaning of life 320
Only the emotional women have the true love 323
The last stage of life 326
Readers cannot understand poets 328
To thoese city administrators in China 330
Live 334
How to get a good wife 336
To HanHan: be nice 339
The dream talk with my wife 343
Leave the dream to the reality 346
The fishing activities by the city administrators 349
Poem is getting bad and people are getting old 353
The sound from the lawyers 355
Give the good police image back to me 358
To the news reporters 360
The last paradise 365
To some advertisors 369
Stay away from the small coal miners 371
The man is not man, the sea is not sea 375
The money that you cannot understand 378
The song of the drivers 379
The words from Buddha 382
Give the peaceful world to us 386
The poet thinking about life 390
About the Maotai Wine 395
To the friendship between China and Pakistan 397
The man and the poem 400
Waiting for Jiao Yulu coming back 402
Respect knowledge and culture 406
The man who owe the balance 407
Poetry was contrary 409
To be a good man 410
The life-survival skill of the wealths 412
where is the poem heart 413
Bad spirit hard to endure 415
Hate Japan, love China 416
The degree seller’s university 418
Begonia poem Dream 419
The lives of Ants 421
The efforts of poets are meaningless 422
Cheer for many highway toll stations 424
The heart of the hero 426
Shaolin Monks is a merchant 428
The poem’s authenticity 430
The aim of writing and meaning of life 433
On Poets’ Ineffective Life 435

Part III: My poems and my life 438
God is calling for the real poet 439
Why the first class poet cannot life happily 441
The achievement of the bad people 443
Poet lives worse than pig 444
Don’t marry a poet 448
An interesting poet 450
Everything is meaningless 452
Life with wife and poem 455
Guilin’s beautiful landscape 457
Dream of Guilin 460
My wife is so good 462
Good and bad to be a worker 463
Good to talk about virtue 467
Poor people and the new year 469
What does my wife look like? 471
The good Wuliangye 473
I would like to live in the world of poem 475
Safe milk 478
Save my last good will 480
Poet’s debts and dreams 483
Poet’s soul and body 485
The lonely poem heart 487
Heros drive carefully 490
Poem is better than writer 492
A poet does not follow the rule 495
Poet should be punished 497
The hundreds of mertis of poet 502
Worker on the production line 504
Feeling of lottery lover 505
Guilty in front of the poets 507
The feeling of doctors’ parents 509
The life reflection of poet 513
Good bye, Chinese score team 515
We must save the skillful poets 519
Life is so real 523
Life is floating and poem is forever 526
Soul back to the poem way 531
The dragon from the poor house 534
The poem to save the average life 536
The poet selling poems on the street 539
The true poet living in their own heart 542
The city is a mill machine 547
The meaning of a poet’s life 549
The happy parents in the Heaven 551
Get ready for the war, friends 554