Vol 5, No 11 (2019)

Table of Contents


Effect of Sulphur and Boron on Yield, Quality, Nutrient Uptake and Post-Harvest Soil Nutrient Status of Hybrid Sunflower PDF
Kalaiyarasan. C, D. Tamizhselvan, S. Jawahar, S. Ezhilkumar, K. Suseendran, S. Madhavan, S. Ramesh 1-8
Effect of Different Chemicals on Growth and Yield of Rainfed Sorghum PDF
Kalaiyarasan, C, N. Indianraj, K. Suseendran, M.V. Sriramachandrasekharan, S. Jawahar, S. Madhavan 9-12
Investigation of Relationships between Salt Stress, Potassium Application and Macro Element Uptake in Pepper Plant PDF
Fikret Yasar, Omer Oztas, Ozlem Uzal 13-17
Seismic Performance Comparison of a Building Made with Old Masonry Bayburt Stone According to Old and New TBDY PDF
Omer Can 18-24
Clustering Analysis of Morphological and Phenological Data in Einkorn and Emmer Wheats Collected from Kastamonu Region PDF
Fatih Demirel, Kahraman Gurcan, Taner Akar 25-36
Seroprevalence of Brucellosis in sheep and goats in Duhok and Sumel districts of northern Iraq PDF
Nazik Mahmood Ilyas, Ferda Karakus 37-41
Comparative Analysis on Multiple Criteria Decision Making Techniques: An Application PDF
Duygu Usta, Ali Hakan Buyuklu 42-58
The Effect of Supplemented Pellet Binders in Broiler Compound Diets on Fattening Performance and Pellet Quality Criteria PDF
Songul Senturklu, Murat Zincirlioglu 59-70
Contract Management and Disputes in the Construction Industry PDF
Ruveyda Komurlu, Kubra Yeni 71-77
Investigation of Change in Reading-Math-Science Literacy Scores in PISA Applications with Multivariate-Multilevel Model PDF
Sule Otken, Duygu Anil 78-92
Effects of Different Bioactivator Applications on Fruit Quality and Plant Growth in Strawberry PDF
Sevinc Sener 93-99
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizers on Yield and Antioxidant Enzymes of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under Water Stress Conditions PDF
Amir Rahimi, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Gulen Ozyazici 100-109

ISSN (online) 2422-8702