Vol 5, No 8 (2019)

Table of Contents


A Review of Machine Learning Applications in Semantic Web PDF
Nabila El-mukhtar Mohammad Albannai, Yasemin Gultepe, Abdulmawla Najih 1-10
Investigation of the Effect of Perceived Risk Factors on Online Shopping PDF
Ozlem Sen 11-24
Sugar Replacement Applications in Cakes: Effect on Cake Texture and Sweetness PDF
Ceyda Dadali, Yesim Elmaci 25-34
Earthquake Monitoring Network of Erzurum: ATANET PDF
Caglar Ozer, Mustafa Engin Kocadagistan, Sukran Perk 35-47
Evaluation of the Antifungal and Herbicidal Effects of Some Lamiaceae Plant Essential Oils in Invitro Conditions PDF
Melih Yilar, Yusuf Bayar 48-54
Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Nateglinide in Pharmaceutical Preparations PDF
N. Orcun Ozcelik, Sevgi Tatar Ulu, Serap Saglik Aslan 55-65
Investigation of Anti-archaeal Activities of Some Commercial Essential Oils on Extremely Halophilic Archaea PDF
Sadi Turgut Bilgi, Binnur Mericli Yapici 66-72
The Creation of the FT-NIR Calibration for the Determination of the Amount of Corn Grain in Concentrated Feed PDF
Mutlu Yildirim, Ismail Bayram 73-79
The Relationship among Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Turkey (2000-2017) PDF
Murat Acet 80-89
Molecular Structure of Monomeric Cadmium-Dihalides, CdCl2, CdBr2, CdF2, CdI2 PDF
Mustafa Caliskan 90-95
Effect of Cerium on Erythrocyte Mechanical Properties PDF
Mehmet Uyuklu 96-103
Modification of the Agenda Setting as a Tool for Political Maneuver in International Politics: Twitter Diplomacy and International Politics of Donald John Trump PDF
Bulend Aydin Ertekin 104-142
A Molecular Marker Identification Study for Allow Early Selection in Determination Resistant Apple Varieties and Genotypes against to fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) PDF
Emine Orhan, Sahin Kaya 143-149
Importance of Natural Plant Plantation in Flood and Erosion Control PDF
Omer Kilic, Zeyneb Kilic 150-153

ISSN (online) 2422-8702