Vol 5, No 5 (2019)

Table of Contents


Rainwater Harvesting in Greenhouses Establishments and Use as Irrigation Water PDF
Sedat Boyaci, Sinan Kartal 1-8
Comet Assay and Applications PDF
Ramazan Uzen, Ayse Gaye Tomatir, Nurhan Cucer, Hamiyet Donmez-Altuntas 9-16
The Assessment of the Knowledge About Adult Vaccine, And Vaccination Coverage in Adults Aged 18 and Older In Turkey PDF
Bekir Uragan Ineli, Melahat Akdeniz, Ethem Kavukcu 17-25
Investigation of the Impact Behavior of Pultruded Hybrid Composite Profiles PDF
Onder Yesil, Osman Asi 26-33
Effects of Root Pruning on Cucumber Seedling Growth PDF
Golgen Bahar Oztekin, Atakan Kopuklu 34-40
Analysis of the Factors Affecting Noise in Schools Using Experimental Design PDF
Ali Yurdun Orbak, Fikret Umut Aydin 41-50
The Effect of Hoof Trimming on Milk Yield in Dairy Cattle PDF
Hanifi Erol, Gultekin Atalan, Muhammed Kaan Yonez, Tugba Burcak Ozkocak 51-56
The Facts of Mahur Maqam With Respect to Musical Creations of Abdulbaki Nasir Dede, Hasim Bey and Huseyin Sadettin Arel; Intellectual and Historical Projections PDF
Sami Dural, Erdal Kilic 57-69
Usage of Edible Aquatic Insects for Feed Rations of Poultry Animals PDF
Mehmet Bektas, Olcay Guler 70-80
Investigation of the Repairing and Strengthening Methods in Historical Structures PDF
Filiz Karakus 81-98
In Vitro Evaluation of Anti-RSV Activity of Centaurea Kotschyi (Boıss et Heldr.) Hayek Var. Decumbens Wagenitz PDF
Onur Dombekci, Rustem Duman 99-107
Secure Transmission of 3D-QRMW Quantum Images via Quantum Fourier Transform in Blind Cloud PDF
Omer Dogan, Ihsan Yilmaz 108-118
Chemical Content of Drinking Water Consumed in Different Regions of Anatolia and Evaluation in terms of Medical Geology PDF
Zeynep Ozdemir, Betul Coskun Onal, Yavuz Yilmaz, Aykut Cakir, Ahmet Feyyat Demir, Gulan Karademir, Ibrahim Satis 119-134
Effect of Roasting on Oxidative Stability of Pistachio Nut PDF
Eda Adal, Fatma Tugba Oksuzler, Sami Eren 135-143

ISSN (online) 2422-8702