All the IISTE journals

IISTE hosts and publishes more than 30 international, peer-reviewed academic journals in various fields MONTHLY. Prospective Authors can send their full manuscript(s) to the following journals for review and possible publication.


  1. You can prepare your paper based on the following template.
  2. Email your paper to the editorwith a claim that your content is original. You cannot submit your article to multiple journals at the same time.
  3. You will get a notification from the editor that your email has been received.
  4. Review comment and result will be returned. Authors may receive,
    • Publish Unaltered: the paper is ready for publication and no changes is needed.
    • Acceptance after Minor Changes:  minor change needed according to the instruction of the editor.
    • Acceptance after Major Changes: major changes needed according to the instruction of the editor.
    • Rejection: Manuscript is flawed or not sufficiently novel
  5. Submit your final article (if required) before the deadline mentioned in the acceptance letter.
  6. Online / Printed publication will be done within 30 days.
Business, Economics, Finance and ManagementPAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
European Journal of Business and
Research Journal of Finance and
Journal of Economics and Sustainable
Information and Knowledge
Journal of Developing Country
Industrial Engineering
Physical Sciences, Mathematics and ChemistryPAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Natural Sciences
Journal of Chemistry and Materials
Journal of Mathematical Theory and
Advances in Physics Theories and
Chemical and Process Engineering
Engineering, Technology and SystemsPAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Computer Engineering and Intelligent
Innovative Systems Design and
Journal of Energy Technologies and
Information and Knowledge
Journal of Control Theory and
Journal of Information Engineering and
Industrial Engineering
Journal of Network and Complex
Environment, Civil, Materials SciencesPAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Environment and Earth
Journal of Civil and Environmental
Journal of Natural Sciences
Life Science, Food and Medical SciencesPAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Advances in Life Science and
Journal of Natural Sciences
Journal of Biology, Agriculture and
Journal of Food Science and Quality
Journal of Chemistry and Materials
Education, and other Social SciencesPAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Education and
Journal of Law, Policy and
Journal of New Media and Mass
Journal of Energy Technologies and
Historical Research
Public Policy and Administration
International Affairs and Global
Research on Humanities and Social
Journal of Developing Country
Journal of Arts and Design

Prospective Authors should read the author guideline on this page and submit their original article via emails.   The editor usually confirms a submission within 18 hours. 

Start a Special Issue with IISTE Journals

If you are interested in publishing a special issue in one of our journals, please contact the journal editor directly. Please check our full journals list first to see if your topic is within the scopes of the journals.  Detailed criteria of publishing and example Special Issues can be found in this page.

Migrate an existing journal to IISTE

If you are a publisher or an editor who are interested in migrating an existing journal to IISTE. Please contact the editors directly. More detailed criteria of migration can be found in this page.

Start a new journal with IISTE

If you are interested in starting a new journal under the IISTE banner.  Please refer to this page for  detailed criteria.

Open Access Policy and Ethics

Open access (also known as open-access publishing and free online scholarship) is an ongoing publication practice which differs in the way traditional methods of publishing papers to the public get submitted, reviewed, authenticated and finally published. It proposes a new business model for academic publishing that enables immediate, worldwide, barrier-free, open access to the full text of research articles for the best interests of the scientific community. More detailed can be found in this page.