About the Journal
Issues In Social and Environmental Accounting (Issues in SEA or ISEA) is an international and refereed journal published quarterly (starting 2012) by Indonesian Center for Social and Environmental Accounting Research and Development (ICSEARD), Sebelas Maret University and The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)  (starting 2012) , ISEA is networking and dissemination means of practices and theory of social and environmental accounting (including CSR), sustainability management, and governance and accountability issues by people concerned with that field.  In the journal, prospective authors can view the company's social and environmental performance from management or financial accounting perspective. The parties involved in this journal are scholars from so many countries, including: Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, Korea, Jordan, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Austria, Malaysia, Japan, and India.
Issues in SEA is a peer-reviewed or refereed journal.  All articles submitted by potential contributors from all over the world to the editor-in-Chief  center (Indonesian Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research and Development (ICSEARD)) are administered by editors. They are then evaluated using the blind review method. From the result of peer-reviewing process the articles could be categorized as accepted for publication, accepted with minor revision, accepted with major revision, or rejected for publication. 
Subject Coverage
Topics include but are not limited to:
• Environmental accounting 
• Social accounting
• Ethical issues in accounting and financial reporting
• Corporate governance and accountability
• Accounting for the Costs and Benefits of CSR-related Activities
• Accounting and Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities
• Corporate Environmental Strategy
• Corporate Social Performance 
• Corporate social responsibility and management control
• Corporate social responsiveness 
• Triple bottom line performance
Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting is Indexed by:
• Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities
• Google Scholar 
ISEA is currently under the review of Scopus and Copernicus index, and also under submission for evaluation by ISI-Indexed Journal.
Issues In Social and Environmental Accounting (ISEA) Journal is published quarterly March, June, September, and December. See notes for author to submit your paper. The potential contributors are required to submit their paper electronically, using Microsoft word, to this addresses: and 

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