Supporting research is one of the essential activities of IISTE. The Institute has established a research grant program to support research activities in various areas, including both social science and natural science. Currently, there are more than 10 programs supported (or co-supported) by IISTE, ranges from $5,000 to $55,000 per project.

Application information
Independent researchers and organizations may apply for grants in subjects that are of interest of the values of IISTE. The IISTE Research Grants Program has a two-step process. Only applicants whose preliminary grant applications have been officially accepted may proceed to the second step, the Formal Grant Proposal. Grantees are responsible for preparation of their own proposals, for conducting their research activities, and for preparing their results for publication. The IISTE provides funding for research, but does not assume responsibility for findings and interpretations resulting from the research.

The core research directions of IISTE are (but not limited to),
-Emerging concepts and applications in science and technology
-Educational research and practice
-Reform of educational system
-Internet and computer engineering
-Artificial intelligence and automatics
-Globalization, Economics, business and management
-Laws, politics and public administration
-Environment and sustainable development

IISTE does not offer scholarships or funds for schooling, nor fund projects designed specifically for book-writing, though research findings may be published in a variety of formats at the conclusion of the grant project. However, the IISTE grant program may fund seminars, workshops, or other similar activities as the basis for research.

Interested researchers shall email the preliminary research proposal (including significance, literature review, research methodology, initial assumptions, expected output, schedule and important reference, less than 10 pages) to